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Thank you to the donors in 2015

During the month of December 2015. the year numerous people from Croatia have shown their humanity and users enable our institution to receive numerous presents for the St. Nicholas, or the Christmas holidays. A large …

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The invitation to the show

Centre for the provision of services in the community of Lipik (Centar za pružanje usluga u zajednici Lipik), in cooperation with the Centre for psychological counseling, education and research, “Sirius” and the primary school is …

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QR code our institution

QR code with a link (URL) of our website. Scan this code with your mobile device (smartphon phone or tablet device) and memorirajte our website for retrieval and information about the activities of our institution.

Published financial report to 2015.

At the end of each year, our institution is required to compile and publish a detailed financial report for the previous year.
The greater part of the last year we’ve been doing business under the name Dom …

Masquerade ball in the Center

Day 05.02.2016. year there will be a costume party for the residents of the Center. The event will be held in the large dining room of the Centar za pružanje usluga u zajednici Lipik, starting at …

Change the name of the institution

By entry of name change in the court register, the name of our institution Dom za djecu i mlađe punoljetne osobe Lipik changed to Centar za pružanje usluga u zajednici Lipik. OIB institution has not changed.
Change the …