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Thank you to the donors in 2015

During the month of December 2015. the year numerous people from Croatia have shown their humanity and users enable our institution to receive numerous presents for the St. Nicholas, or the Christmas holidays. A large number of people responded to the call of the portal INDEX who published a list of children and their wishes. Some of them for the first time in his life happened to have received a gift that they would like to.

Gifts are coming from all parts of Croatia (Dalmatia, Istria, Primorje, Zagreb, Slavonia), and how some users get a few presents and we used the arrival of deputies of the Parliament Mr. Zdravka Ronka to besides his gifts he has brought to the children, to be divided and all the other gifts which came before Christmas. For the occasion, all users they came in Lipik (children from a half day stay Poljana and Pakrac, Croatia) and we believe that for most children it was one of the most beautiful days of his life.

Zdravko Ronko in the Center

Your gifts are sure to enjoy their Christmas and new year’s holidays and make them happier and therefore we use this opportunity to all the donors once again sincerely thank.

Children of Centar za pružanje usluga u zajednici Lipik!!!

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